Fall Halloween

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are some fall decorating tips for a limited budget?

I love holidays and want to decorate my small apartment for fall (Halloween/Thanksgiving) but don't want to spend a lot of money. Any ideas or suggestions?

Best Answer...


I just did this, so maybe I can help you out. I also have a small apartment and not much room to store decorations I’m not using.

I went to Michaels craft store and bought one of their fall themed garlands to put on my coffee table (I have no fireplace). It was $4.99 but it might be on sale now. Look at the sale flyers for Michaels, they might have a lot of fall things discounted. They had a wide range of garlands with leaves and different decorations attached. (some were a bit tacky but they also had very natural looking kinds). Michaels had well priced candles in nice scents for fall if you like that stuff. If you look in their fall decorating section, they have fall colored fall leaves and mini pumpkins and gourds you can lay out, maybe you can make a centerpiece somewhere with a candle in a fall themed holder in the middle. You could also make an autumn colored floral arrangement using some natural branches and whatever catches your eye.

Another good place to look is CVS. They had a lot of really cute fall decor for very good prices. Everything from pot holders to little ceramic pumpkins. They also had Halloween things too.